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    From fashion to art, contemporary creativity Made In Italy
    Saturday, January 24th, during Arte Fiera, Bologna's annual art fair, the winner of the 2009 Furla Prize was announced.

    The "Premio Furla" is the prestigious award that goes to sustaining young contemporary artists.

    Promoted by the Fondazione Furla, in collaboration with other companies and foundations, the award is now in its seventh year, and has become an important opportunity for many young Italian artists to gain international exposure.

    The winner, Alberto Tadiello, in addition to the chance to work and study abroad at an artists' residence, is invited to create a work of art financed by the Fondazione Furla for public viewing at MAMbo -- Bologna's Museum of Modern Art.

    The Fondazione Furla remains committed to providing a space for both the exchange and development of ideas for both contemporary art as well as fashion design, offering the international community this important glimpse into contemporary creativity.

    From producers of fashion accessories, Furla is widening its horizons and embracing creativity as the central point of the company philosophy.

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