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    The New Yooxer interviews the uber-talented young jewelry designer .

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    As often is the case with great creative minds, Delfina Delettrez seems to be holding the key to a great mystery.

    Whatever hides behind her deep penetrating eyes and distinctive aloof elegance? And where does she find the myriad inspirations that feed her beautiful imagination? The New Yooxer met her in the hope of finding out...

    As a fourth-generation Fendi she is no stranger to the arts and yet there is something deeply distinctive and personal to Delfina's creative vision.

    With a great passion for beauty, fashion and a strong belief in the power of women, no doubt inherited from the long line of outstanding females she descends from, she has somewhat managed to become one of the most important jewelry designers of this generation --despite being barely into her twenties.

    In the 25 square meters of her atelier in Rome, Delfina combines her experience and craftsmanship with her passion for life from her childhood memories from Rio de Janeiro to her recollections of Parisian taxidermists and her frequent walks through the streets of Rome, in a continuous cross-reference between avant-garde and antiques, light and shadow, humor and drama.

    Her style journey started out as an exploration of insect gardens and other worldly anatomies, touched upon the ever-so-blurred boundaries between the masculine and the feminine to end up at the "Roll-In-Stones" collection, which speaks of nature and movement in the precious talismans designed to be passed on between women.

    The New Yooxer met the young designer in Ponza, Italy -- between past memories and future plans, came out a disarming portrait of a free spirit and natural talent.


    The daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi, at just over 20 years of age, Delfina Delettrez is the most influential jewelry designer of her generation.

    Born in Rome and raised in Italy and Brazil, Delfina made her fashion début working in Chanel's style department.

    Her innate sense of aesthetics and passion for accessories led her to design her first jewelry collection, presented to the press in October 2007.

    Since then Delfina has never looked back.

    Catapulted from enfant prodige to international star, each of her collections draws the unanimous acclaim of the fashion system and is a landmark for the entire creative scene.

    Art and culture in every form, from botany to religion through anatomy, music and architecture, are beautifully expressed using premium materials and excellent craftsmanship to create pieces that have made contemporary jewelry history.

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