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    Matteo Ragni is a Milan-based architect, designer and art director.

    For luxury watchmaker Lorenz, whose timepieces are the perfect blend of Italian design and Swiss technology, he created Vigorelli, an ode to Milan and its elegant velodrome.

    Swiss technology and Italian style tell an elegant tale of passing time through a collection of timepieces designed by Richard Sapper, CuldeSac and Matteo Ragni: the ultimate encounter of innovative materials, dynamic shapes and refined details.

    Time is the new luxury.

    And our once-simple watches and clocks have transformed into genuine design objects.

    Lorenz has found the perfect blend of modernity and tradition with a collection of three essential and innovative styles, some of which date back to the Sixties.

    The Static clock by Richard Sapper has become a true icon over the years, giving an illusion of free floating in air.

    The Neos watch from Spanish collective CuldeSac is all about the power of color, while Matteo Ragni's Vigorelli watch is a tribute to the design capital of Milan and the city's velodrome.

    The New Yooxer met Matteo Ragni in his Milan studio, where his gentle imagination gives birth to a series of soulful objects and many small revolutions destined to last through time.

    Taking inspiration from design pioneers such as Bruno Munari and Gio Ponti, the watch becomes something of a challenge and the key to a fourth dimension of design, where sustainability turns into eternity.

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