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    In collaboration with Altaroma and Vogue Italia, is pleased to present a very exclusive preview selection of clothes and accessories from the CO|TE Spring-Summer 2012 collection.

    Rigid yet soft and elegant, discover a play on contrasts from the designers defined as 'cutting-edge' at Who Is On Next 11...

    CO|TE's signature style is a take on whimsical chic.

    Geometric shapes and classic cuts are rendered in youthful prints and bright details.

    The Italian design duo's Spring-Summer 2012 collection will be unveiled during Milan Fashion Week, but a sneak preview is available now on, including an exclusive black dress embroidered with pink feathers --pure CO|TE style.

    ***, established in 2000, is the world's leading lifestyle e-store for multi-brand fashion, design and art.

    Shopping on is all about discovery - an eclectic and playful journey beyond fashion's strict seasonal rules - allowing men and women to express their individuality through timeless and creative style.

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