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► JUAN CARO and FABIO SASSO, Leitmotiv's Designers | An Exclusive Interview with

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    Immediately following the presentation of WHO IS ON NEXT? 09-Alta

    Roma, a preview of Leitmotivs READYMADE S/S 2010 Collection is now available exclusively on

    The pieces may be purchased directly from the video of the virtual fashion show, in a playful composition that breaks apart the models body into separate frames, transforming them into miniature worlds, as inspired by artist Joseph Cornell.

    Milan, September 25th 2009
    Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso -- the designer duo behind the label Leitmotiv -- have been chosen by as the best cutting-edge designers among the finalists of the 2009 edition of the "WHO IS ON NEXT? 09" contest organized by Alta Roma, in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

    In this unusual double interview the designers talk to The New Yooxer about their contagious exuberance and creative complicity.

    The soul of the Leitmotiv spirit is expressed by these two young, dynamic personalities who love to take aesthetic risks and aren't afraid to experiment with styles -- moving freely from dadaism to surrealism, from avant-garde to baroque -- with sharp irony.
    Their collections constantly shift back and forth between the real and the imaginary, the handmade and the technical, the masculine and the feminine.

    What are often considered to be opposites blend together for a rich and original visual experience

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