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    A plethora of possibilities and infinite inspirations for a material that has dressed a range of public and private spaces, as well as boats and luxury cars.

    Versatile and cutting-edge, Alcantara® now expands its fashion promise into the world of accessories.

    Presenting A di Alcantara®, the first accessories collection made entirely in the material; from Alcantara naturally, the epitome of Made In Italy excellence.

    Since the 1970s the company has produced and distributed this extraordinary fabric.

    And today it is available in an exclusive selection on

    The ingredients are all there: a company famous the world over for the quality of its products; an extraordinarily functional fabric, highly technological with elevated aesthetic properties; and three Italian fashion talents.

    The result could only be a project of the utmost innovation: A di Alcantara® is a collection of accessories made entirely in Alcantara®.

    Contemporary shapes, volumes, details, colors and prints for bags, clutches, smartphone and tablet cases created by new names on the Italian design scene: Caterina Gatta, Sara Battaglia and Leitmotiv.

    Alcantara® provided them with limitless potential for turning their visions into reality, and so was born a varied, adaptable, sophisticated yet 'easy' collection.

    From Caterina Gatta's fascination with all things vintage to Sara Battaglia's keen artist's eye, not forgetting Leitmotiv's vitality and flair.

    Three different styles come together by way of the knowledge and expertise that has been threaded through Alcantara® for the past 40 years; distinguished, unique, original.

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